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My name is Yuli Marubashi-Scheidt (pronouns: she/they). Born at the exact moment in 1986 when the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded and rained down on the ocean. As a kid, I believed this meant I was destined for greatness in the realm of space travel and radio astronomy. Nothing remotely as awesome as that has happened yet. Instead, at the age of 18, I relocated from Calgary to Ottawa where I studied photography, life sciences, and graphic design before moving to Toronto.

In 2019 my health put physical limitations on the work I can do, so my photographic practice had to change. While I discover what my new abilities will allow me to do, I am taking on a limited number of projects. This means I only work on the things I really care about, putting a focus on placing people in interesting environments and encouraging them to explore the space they occupy.


What can I help you with?¬† ūüíƬ† hello@yulischeidt.com



2019 Solo Exhibition, CMYOK, Capital

2019 Group Show, [WORKING TITLE], Capital

2018 Group Show, soft power, Milk Glass

2018 Solo Exhibition, OUTLANDS, Capital

2017 Solo Exhibition Fat Babe, Capital

2015 Group Show, A Young Man’s Follies, The Black Cat Gallery

2014 Group Show, Neighbourhoods, Huntclub Studio

2014 Group Show, Fat in Public, The Black Cat Gallery

2012 Group Show, Chroma, #Hashtag Gallery


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