Fat Babe, 20171/3

Fat Babe, 2016-20172/3

Fat Babe, 2016-20173/3

Niagara Falls, 20161/14

New York City, 20162/14

Calgary, 20163/14

Calgary, 20164/14

Calgary, 20165/14

Calgary, 20166/14

Banff, 20157/14

Banff, 20158/14

Banff, 20159/14

San Francisco, 201110/14

San Francisco, 201111/14

San Francisco, 201112/14

San Francisco, 201113/14

San Francisco, 201114/14

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20171/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20172/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20173/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20174/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20175/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20176/7

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20177/7

Personal Branding, Logotype & Mark1/9

My current business cards2/9

Logo & Mark3/9

Personal Brand Mark4/9

Brand Identity, Girls with Grit5/9

Phancy Food & Catering, Illustration & Pattern Design6/9

Big Coat Media, Web Design7/9

Two Goats, Wine Labels8/9

The Scope at Ryerson Radio Station Logo, 20139/9

Bloom School1/25

Sophomore Magazine, 20172/25

Sophomore Magazine, 20173/25

Sophomore Magazine, 20174/25

Product Photography5/25

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20176/25

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20177/25

Ghostly Ferns Lookbook, 20178/25

Goodbye House9/25

Goodbye House10/25

Goodbye House11/25

Goodbye House12/25

Goodbye House13/25

Goodbye House14/25

Ursa Major+ x Untitled & Co, Lookbook15/25

Ursa Major+ x Untitled & Co, Lookbook16/25

Ursa Major+ x Untitled & Co, Lookbook17/25

Ursa Major+ x Untitled & Co, Lookbook18/25

Ursa Major, Lookbook19/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook20/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook21/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook22/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook23/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook24/25

Ursa Major+, Lookbook25/25

Natural Light Portraits1/7

Natural Light Portrait2/7

Studio Lighting Portraits3/7

Golden Hour Portraits4/7

Natural Light Studio Portrait5/7

Natural Light Portraits6/7

Studio Portraits7/7